Lupus Patients suffer from Magnesium Deficiency

Lupus disease is the result of an immune system disorder whereby a sufferer’s ‘immune system actually attacks parts of the body it is supposed to protect.’ A peculiar fact about Lupus is that it mainly affects women. Around ninety percent of all lupus cases affect women who are in their thirties. ‘..some naturopathic doctors believe this condition is a result of the “presence of abnormal proteins” and mineral deficiencies.’ A principle recommendation of natural healers for lupus sufferers is to: ‘Increase the intake of the minerals selenium and magnesium. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and helps our cells to repair themselves. Magnesium is the “life” mineral because it keeps our cells alive and vibrant.’

You can find the remaining recommended principles in Gale Tern’s article, ‘Nutritional Healing for Lupus Sufferers’ published in The International Business Times website, 22.05.2011

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