Elementz Cares


While we love interacting with our users, and sharing in their stories of recovery and growth, we are aware that there is plenty of need (beyond magnesium!) in our communities. Therefore we do our best to help charities that we connect with, and individuals too, when we can. If not through direct contribution, then at the very least by sharing about their work and fundraising efforts. We believe in spreading awareness of overlooked demographics. 

In recently times, we were involved with the Gombak Caremongers group as they sent out aid to families throughout MCO1.0 (2020). We undertook a lot of ad-hoc volunteering, sourcing and donations. Following that, we organised Qurban that was distributed to refugee families, an orphanage and families in need in a Gombak locality.

In 2021, we have focused on channeling funds towards education. We cover the teachers’ allowances at Harumanis Alternative School for undocumented children in Sabah and also the teachers’ wages at the Somali Refugee Centre. 

We have also been involved in other smaller projects, including suppliying stationery and books to The Banana Club, which is a grassroots NGO educating children of PPR Raya Permai.

While we work very hard for every sen we earn, it is also in the knowledge that any gains -material or otherwise- is only by God’s will and blessings. What we earn is an amanah (trust) from God, not to be kept and hoarded, but to be used mindfully and also shared. 

Mental health

Many of our users find that our products have helped with challenges of depression and anxiety, as well as autism and ADHD. This is one reason we raise awareness and regularly share information on mental health, self-care tips and lessons for personal development and growth (which do not compromise on wellbeing).

Mental health is equally important as physical health, if not more.