About Elementz

Founded in 2010, Elementz is a Malaysian, family-run brand, focused on bringing you the best quality natural wellness and lifestyle products. We spend endless hours on research, development, testing and sourcing before manufacture, sale and marketing. Knowledge sharing is a pivotal part of what we do, and engaging with users is important to us, too. 

Elementz began with the patriarch of our family, Kader Salleh. A man with a variety of health challenges, including eczema, diabetes and water retention. At one point, he had been wracked by pneumonia and bronchitis, and had also suffered from a heart attack and the beginnings of liver failure. Seeing him bed-bound and lethargic, the family doctor recommended magnesium oil, suspecting Kader to be magnesium deficient. The results were nothing short of astounding. 

Amazed by Kader’s recovery, a deep dive into magnesium was undertaken and the family knew that all of this research had to be shared, along with magnesium oil which had been nothing short of miraculous. 

Due to the role of magnesium in Kader’s recovery, the family first focused their efforts on magnesium, bringing forth magnesium oil of the highest purity and concentration (31%). No dilution, and NOT MADE from magnesium flakes. The family then went on to research and develop other wellness products in the hopes of making as profound a change in the lives of Elementz users, as magnesium had done for the family patriarch.  Elementz continues to remain a family-owned business, run by the mother-daughter management team of Ani and Sakina, whose core beliefs include the betterment of health for Elementz users, and the improvement of livelihoods for independent resellers (primarily women) who stock, sell and disseminate the benefits of Elementz products. 

We exist in order to encourage, support and help people live better and healthier. We know there is a growing need for complementary and holistic therapy, and we have made it our goal to search for ingredients from the purest, most natural sources in order to meet this need. The main guiding principal for Elementz is that every product that we develop and market is that we only ever sell what we would use ourselves. Alongside Elementz products has sprung a community of stockists and resellers, known as the Elementz Family, and users with whom we share what we have learnt about our products, their benefits, and new ways of utilising them. 

From the conception of our product ideas, to the placement of Elementz products on shelves, we spend countless hours on research, experimenting and testing (only on humans and completely animal-free, of course!). We make it a point to share our research findings regularly (primarily through our social media pages) so that our users gain a better understanding of our products, their benefits, and knowledge on how to use them. 

The expanding range of Elementz products currently consists of:

  1. Mg Oil
  2. Mg Flakes
  3. Mg Lotion
  4. Mg Gel
  5. Mg Deo
  6. Nahcolite (sodium bicarbonate)
  7. L-Ascoribic Acid Powder (vitamin c)
  8. Fuller’s Earth (natural clay)

As a family who espouse a low-waste lifestyle, it is also important to us that all our products are multipurpose.

Each product we offer is able to work synergistically with others in the Elementz product line, so that together, more wellness and less waste becomes a reality.

Elementz Magnesium products are Zechstein Inside® certified. And all of our products are notified with the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM).