Our Elementz Community consists of: 

1) The Elementz Team : all of us running the company, research, experiments, marketing, responding to enquiries, providing customer support, managing charity work, connecting with different communities, procurement, logistics, etc, etc. Basically doing what can be exhausting, yet fun and highly interesting work!

2) Elementz Family: all our stockists, with focus on the independent ones. They're the ones who are out there using Elementz products, sharing, teaching, and helping to get our stock to you, the end users! Our Elementz Family are partners who help us reach more people in as many locations as possible. You can find a list of our Elementz Family members (resellers and stockists) here.

3) Elementzers: this is the larger community of Elementz product users. They're also the ones who engage with us on social media channels, where we post under the name Elementz Life. 

Our responsive, sharing, and vocal Elementz community is very important to us. It gradually and organically grows bigger every day, with members sharing their experiences, health tips and reviews, comments and stories. We do our best to respond to every comment, message or e-mail sent in to us. We always look for ways to improve and take every feedback into consideration as we prioritise our users’ experiences and wellbeing. 

Join our community through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We post helpful health tips, conduct surveys, and engage with users and followers regularly.