What some Elementz users have to say ...

Excellent product with tremendous benefits to your health. Good lotion too.
I-Wen S.

Sy pakai lotion dh 2 thn.nampak kesan utk baby newborn dr baby tu sy pakai jadi dia senang tidur, tenang je. Xsakit perut, mudah kentut tiap² hari. Bila skrg dah 11 bulan, dia sampai skrg xde mslh sembelit atau kembung. Nak kembung mcm mana tiap hari kentut. Sy jatuh cinta dgn lotion ni.
Jueziatul a. 

love the small packet easy to bring during staycations - Elementz Magnesium Flakes
Hannan S. 

Love the Elementz Magnesium Gel so much..so easy to apply and relief my muscles stiffness ... Definitely will buy again..
Arnellia M. 

Combination of mg gel and mg oil is amazing! I am currently pregnant and my routine everynight is to apply mg gel on my thigh and back, mg oil on my soles and tummy. I can sleep like a log!!! I loveeeee it.
She N. 

Ive been using Elementz Magnesium Oil for at least 5 years now. As a loyal customer, I am so happy that it has a roll on now so I can put it in my purse and bring it everywhere I go.
She N. 

My mum uses it and her pains went off shortly after applying it. Her shoulder, back, arms, fingers... u name it. Getting another 3 bottles for my grandmother and aunts. ;)

I have tried many bath salts and epsom salts but this stuff is the only stuff that I have found to truly make a difference. I wear a Whoop band to measure heart rate variability and find that the morning after a bath I am better recovered and more easily able to maintain a measurably higher rate of athletic performance.
charles t.

It's an amazing product to calm me down and have a good night sleep. Not only that, my bowel movement getting regular now without need to rely on laxative. I'm happy and satisfied. I'm even introduced to my family members and friends.
Peggy L. 

Doing this now [using Elementz Magnesium Oil] for almost 2 weeks on my congested face. Result? pimples inflammation subside. Now it is part of my face care routine!
Rachel Yap

My current supplement now. Alhamdulillah can see a lot of improvement in myself <3
Nur Qina

Increase my energy, reduce soreness, improve sleep quality, and ramp up heart health with Aggressive Strength Recovery Oil! Loaded with Magnesium oil.
Zool H. Hazally

Terbaikkk utk mmbantu Pengaliran oksigen dlm tubuh seseorg...yg mmbolehkn ALIRAN DARAH mnggalir lebih lancar...bagi mmbolehkn tubuh lebih brtenaga...
Suhaimie Omur

I purchased the magnesium oil in the hope to ease my mother's severe leg cramps. She applied 3 times daily. After a week, the result was amazing! Her suffered less cramps and could walk for 1 hour from market back to home. She was ecstatically happy as she hadn't been able to walk like this for years and thought she never would. Besides this, the magnesium oil aided her sleep very much. She could sleep very soundly ever since she started to apply the magnesium oil. Now, she applies the oil every day so do I.
Mabel Yeo

After consume this mg oil n flakes...its make my sleep well n helps to reduce my leg cramp.
Maj Mahani

After religiously consuming Mg oil & flakes, I sleep like a baby! And me thinketh my skin condition is better now.
Razlin Razlan

Use it for eczema and knee cramp... i even help a friend and my auntie who have chronic asthma..
Zue Hj Tuah

It has help to reduce my migraine and for my son he is becoming more calmer and now I can cope with his activeness and he sleeps better.
Nor Ishida Zainal Abidin

Magnesium help me to be positif, relax, and help my kids sleep well...
Nurdiana Rasib

Stabilize my hormone through the result of less acne on my face and body, and reduce anxiety level..in which both of them makes me a happy person :) :)
Sephia Rezzar

Magnesium really helps when my muscles cramp..
Nur Yani DKhaw

Energized my body and strengthened my immune system..
Vincent Fong

I drive 12 hours non stop to my hometown. Elementz Magnesium Oil helps to reduce cramp on my leg during the journey..
Zetty Shahrel

it's a must go remedy for my daughter who has eczema...now it's in the family drinking water, out daily dose of Mg....
JazRayn Ali 

Its wonderful for deep sleep, and helps with muscle aches.
Brenda Yong

It is great for restful sleep and myscle cramps.
Indriyani Sharma 

I can't explain it but I have an amazing restful sleep when I take magnesium. I apply magnesium oil generously at onset of migraines and sometimes can halt the attack. I love magnesium and can't recommend it enough!
Elizabeth Tan

Mag Oil now is like a compulsory ABC of my daily! 
A = Anxiety; helps my daughter's anxiety 
B = Bowel; alleviate my bowel movements everyday. The same goes to my daughter since she had autism, and constipation 
C = Calmness; my daughter looks calmer and it helps to induce her sleep at night when we put at her sole. It also help my nervous heartbeat. 
A must have for everyone!
Cik Puan Max

Elementz Magnesium Oil is my be all and end all. Daily without fail, I rub my whole body with it from my feet to my chest for the following major conditions : to lower my blood pressure, to prevent leg cramps at night, to give me a better sleep, to balance my potassium level in my kidneys and to treat my irregular heartbeat. I also drink 10 drops daily to neutralise acidity in my tummy and to avoid constipation.
Lola Elmira Diaz

I suffer from dry skin eczema for many years which leave my fingers swollen, cracked open & bled. Using steriod cream prescribed by dermatologist over the years didn't heal my eczema. I get recurring flare-up that turn out worst every time it reoccur. I took on a mission to heal it naturally. However, I have not had much success until I started using magnesium oil mixed with calendula oil. 
Debby Ho

I can use Mg Oil as deodorant. It eliminate my bad BO. 2-3 drops applied to underarm after shower!
Shazrina Azmi

For about a year I've been struggling with cracked and bleeding fingers and relapse eczema flare.
Today in less than 2 months, with a full blown magnesium intake in my diet, all is well. My skins look radiant and I feel great. Alhamdulillah.
Shoko Katana 

Ease my muscle soreness after work out and amazingly, I smell clean after heavy sweating!
Tan Chong Gee

Reduced the number of my migraine attacks. Like magic!
Joanne Chong

...I have been consuming Elementz Virgin Magnesium Oil orally and transdermally for more than 3 years to date. 
It helps a lot in terms of sustaining my cholesterol levels. 
I have no high blood pressure, diabetes nor heart problem but I have problems in others... gout and OA. 
So far by rubbing Elementz mag oil it helps to reduce the swelling. As for drinking, I always drop in 2-3 drops to a 0.8 ltr tumbler and will keep on reflling the whole day. I rub Elementz mag oil on my face and so far my pigmentation seems to have fade out. So for me Elementz mag oil is multipurpose and is a must have in every home. Once, my hand got bitten by my cat and straight away I rubbed mag oil on it. It stopped bleeding and it healed the next day. No swelling or flaring up.
Rim Hijjaz,
49, Homemaker. 
aku try guna benda ni about jan@feb 2011.. aku rase bemda ni cukup bagus utk mnigkatkan stamina body terutama bg golongan yg malas bersenam mcm sku la.. stkt yg pernah aku guna la.. nk crite kt korang.. aku ade jenis penyalit kematu kt tapak kaki aritu, aku dh try sapu & mkn ubat tp x mnjadi.. lmudian aku mkn bnde ni bkn utk pnyakit tu laa.. tp sbb mmber aku si Sansudin ahmad yg rekomen srh pakai jee.. tp last aku dpti kematu tu dh hilang la pkk, pastu bila aku rase xsedap badan mcm nk deman aku mnm lg bende ni, besok luse aku dh ok… start tu aku amalkan bende ni.. &dan yg pasti aku dpati stamina aku bagus, mlm dgn bini pn bagus, aku pyh nk dpt selsema, xde cpt nk dpt lengoh-lengoh bdn dsbnye.. skrg aku plk yg order utk kegunaan aku sndiri tanpa di rekomenkan oleh ssiapa.. Dan aku akan jadi kn benda ni Virgin Magnesium Oil utk kegunaan aku sentiasa… korang yg x penah cube.. aku rase baik try je.. its gud 4 yr healty & yr body staminas..
Bajuri Ahmad
Kota Baharu, Kelantan
Since young, I always suffer from migraine. During my pregnancy, the problem has became worse. After taking Elementz magnesium oil for six months,my migraine is gone and i had an easy pregnancy and smooth delivery!
Sim Yee Yong, 29
As professional badminton player and coach, i need a lot of energy to participate matches and tournaments around the world. After taking Elementz magnesium oil, I regain energy faster and feel a lot less fatigue after matches. Thanks to Elementz magnesium oil, now I’m energized and ready for the upcoming matches!
Hong Chieng Hun, 32
Former National Badminton Player
Pada asalnya saya ingin mencuba Elementz untuk mengurangkan masalah enzima pada kulit bahagian tangan dan kaki. Setelah mandi, 3 titik Mg Cl di sapu pada permukaan kulit. Kesan parut lama juga kelihatan pudar.
Saya juga rasa semakin bertenaga untuk melakukan aktiviti, rasa mengantuk pun berkurangan.
Anak Dara Na, Kelantan.
Saya mencuba Extra Virgin Magnesium Oil setelah mendengar khasiatnya dari rakan sekerja. Sejak mula bertugas sebagai guru, tubuh badan saya agak lemah dan saya berasa cepat mengantuk. Ini menyebabkan saya terpaksa berhenti rehat untuk tidur ketika memandu, sedangkan jarak yang dipandu tidaklah begitu jauh. Kini, hanya dengan meminum 5 titik EVMO saya rasa lebih cergas, peka dan tidur lebih lena pada waktu malam.
Cikgu Amir, Pahang.
Setelah menggunakan Elementz Magnesium Oil, saya berasa lebih cergas dan bertenaga. Kurang rasa mengantuk dan senang bangun pada waktu pagi. Kesihatan tubuh badan amatlah penting terutamanya bagi anak dan suami saya. Sebotol EVMO dapat digunakan oleh setiap ahli keluarga untuk pelbagai masalah kesihatan seperti sakit perut keracunanan makanan dan masalah sembelit. Suami saya telah dimasukkan ke wad khas selama beberapa hari kerana tidak ke tandas . Pada hari yang ke lima, beliau telah meminum 10 titik Mg Cl yang di campurkan dengan air. Alhamdulilah beliau telah ke tandas selepas itu.
Kak Suria, Sentul.
Sebelum menggunakan Elementz, saya sering mengalami bengkak di bahagian lutut sekiranya berjalan jauh atau membuat aktiviti fizikal seperti berkebun. Setelah meminum Elementz dan menyapu pada lutut apabila terasa sengal dan setiap kali selepas mandi, kini saya dapat meneruskan aktiviti kegemaran serta terasa lebih cergas.
Hjh. Rohani B., Bandar Kinrara
epanjang saya mengerjakan ibadah Haji musim 2010, saya dibekalkan dengan Magnesium Oil Elementz yang saya semburkan di bahagian tekak setiap kali bila terasa ada sakit tekak / batuk. Rakan sebilik saya juga agak hairan dengan khasiat Magnesium Oil kerana Alhamdulillah tidak mudah batuk. Bagi mereka yang demem akibat stress / perubahan cuaca, saya telah usahakan agar Magnesium Oil dicampurkan dalam air dan diminum sebelum mengerjakan ibadah di musim Haji.
Tn. Hj. Zahir P., Bandar Kinrara
I received a small bottle of ELEMENTZ magnesium from a friend in times of great emotional turmoil. I only took the bottle hoping he would stop badgering me about it. Since I had it, I figured extra magnesium in my system could not go amiss. So I took it, simply by adding it to my drinking water. The effects and changes however were beyond my expectations. I felt more myself again, and in control of the emotions despite the challenges I was facing, and it cleaned out my bowels very effectively! I even started using it on my skin and noticed my scars were visibly lighter after just one week of application. I continue to take magnesium now on a daily basis. I went on to buy myself a large bottle and carry a small one in my purse at all times and continue to discover more ways and places to use this little piece of mineral magic!
Chitra Karthigeyan, self employed, Kajang
My name is Abdul Latiff Salleh, 57 years old, working in a shipping firm in Westport.
I am very happy to have been introduced to this beautiful product called ELEMENTZ Virgin Magnesium Oil. After removal of my Thyroid 3 years ago I have been having cramps on both legs, every time I bend my legs either left or right I get cramps, sometimes to get out of bed too I get cramps. Now that is a thing in the past. Apart from that I will get tired after walking for a short distance I will have to rest in order to continue walking. I am much better now.
My daughter who is 16 years old has been having constipation for a long time, she has difficulty in her bowel movement. Now after consuming ELEMENTZ Virgin Magnesium Oil she goes regularly to the toilet and she can be seen smiling and happy.
I am very happy with ELEMENTZ Virgin Magnesium Oil and have confidence in it.
Latiff Salleh
My name is Shantha Kailasapathy. My neighbour introduced me to ELEMENTZ magnesium. I have been taking it for about six months and it has benefitted me greatly. I have lost some weight and my blood sugar level has decreased;
My mother Ranee was always complaining of feeling giddy when she got up in the morning. Seeing the benefits that I had she started taking magnesium. Now, after just one month she is feeling much better.
Shantha Kailasapathy
Saya sering mengalami alahan makanan laut. Sebelum menggunakan produk ELEMENTZ, saya telah menggunakan ubat sapu alahan. Walaubagaimanapun parut akan kelihatan selepas luka alahan sembuh. Setelah menggunakan produk ELEMENTZ dengan menyapukan produk ke bahagian alahan, saya dapati kesan luka dan rasa gatal surut dengan cepat. Penggunaan produk ke atas kulit juga tidak meninggalkan kesan parut dan kulit cepat sembuh semula seperti sediakala.
Hirni – Penyelidik Universiti Tempatan, 25 tahun
Kegiatan kolej dan jadual waktu yang padat menyebabkan saya sering keletihan sewaktu hadir kelas petang. Tumpuan tidak dapat diberikan sepenuhnya semasa kelas dan saya sering rasa mengantuk semasa kuliah. Pada waktu malam pula saya kerap tidur awal akibat keletihan disiang hari. Setelah menggunakan produk ELEMENTZ dengan mencampurkannya dalam minuman harian, saya dapati badan saya semakin bertenaga untuk menjalani aktivit harian. Saya juga berasa lebih tenang dan mudah
Mahasiswa Kolej Swasta, 19 tahun

Produk sampai dengan selamat, dibungkus baik oleh seller, dan sampai tepat pada masanya. Baru mencuba produk ini, semoga serasi utk kami sekeluarga. Terima kasih.
Aidan H.